Phil Fine combines great coaching skills with real world practical experience. He is a no-nonsense mentor who understands how to effectively drive change through an organization. Over the past decade I have seen Phil significantly impact the trajectory of dozens of companies and their key stakeholders.
Alan Scharfstein
President and CEO, The DAK Group Ltd.
I am a client of Genevieve. We have been working together for approximately 10 years and I find her professionalism and ability to understand most business situations has been outstanding. She has been involved in many of our major decisions with great success.
Stuart Levine
President, The Award Group
I have worked with Genevieve Bazelmans and Phil Fine for more than 15 years. They have been an incredible help with leading small and large change processes. Additionally, each of them has their own style and expertise in coaching leaders. Both have supported leaders to a successful outcome. I highly recommend them and their business, Change Management, if you have coaching or process needs.
Mary Anne Walk
President, Walk and Associates Inc.
Genevieve Bazelmans is the best consultant in the organizational transformation the college has ever used. She clarifies, illuminates, challenges, and coaches with clarity and wisdom, enabling clients to think strategically about their future.
Jack Noonan
President, Bloomfield College
Over several years and a variety of contexts, I have worked with Genevieve Bazelmans in creating and managing change. These efforts included building management teams, creating culture change, and implementation of several highly successful breakthrough projects and executive coaching, including myself. The distinction of Genevieve Bazelmans' work versus other consultants is overriding dedication to RESULTS in her work.
Bill Nettles
Chief and CEO, Stillwater Mining
Genevieve has been instrumental in helping to assimilate feedback from multiple sources to identify leadership strengths and to build development plans. She brings credibility to the coaching process. I am now in a better position to achieve even higher levels of results because of Genevieve's involvement in my leadership development plan.
Ralph Craviso
Vice President - Workforce Relations, Lucent Technologies
Through her coaching skills and judicious use of tools such as Quantum Leap, Gen has the uncanny ability to make you look squarely in the mirror. If you have the courage to see what really lies behind the reflection, Gen will assist you in unlocking the door to your own personal success.
Ed Stanczack
Group Vice President, Engelhard Corporation