Genevieve Bazelmans

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

GENEVIEVE BAZELMANS is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Change Management, L.L.C., an executive coaching and management-consulting firm located in Kinnelon, New Jersey.  For over 40 years, Genevieve has worked to support the corporate vision and strategic goals of her clients, which have included corporations in the United States, Europe, China, and Japan.  By helping corporations’ master leadership and cultural transformations, she has enabled her clients to create learning cultures.  With such cultures, these organizations become equipped to build on their own capabilities and achieve rapid growth.

Genevieve specializes in guiding clients to increase corporate financial performance by improving people performance.  Her work centers on leadership: building corporate growth strategies, designing the structures for accountability and ownership of results, and inspiring breakthrough thinking.  In addition to coaching, Genevieve designs and leads programs aimed at training people to be effective coaches, and she is known as “the coach’s coach.”

Genevieve formed Change Management in 1995.  A consultant since 1977, she was a Partner, managing the Northeast, with King, Chapman, Broussard & Gallagher, an organizational consulting and executive outplacement firm and leader in designing organizational transformation.

She was also the Chief Change Agent for Englehard Industries for seven years where she led and coached strategic development sessions for the corporation and its six businesses.  While at Englehard, she developed an in-house leadership development program, which was implemented worldwide and translated into several languages. Genevieve also worked with Lucent Technologies to architect and redesign the Lucent Learning Center.  Previously, Genevieve was a Partner with J.J. Gallagher Associates, a career management consulting firm assisting Fortune 500 companies with strategic planning, team building, executive selection, career management and development, and executive outplacement.

In addition to being CEO of Change Management, Genevieve has been a Chair (coach and facilitator) for Vistage International, an international think tank for CEO’s and emerging entrepreneurs. She also co-chaired a Key Group for Vistage and has won an award for Chair Excellence.

Genevieve is instrumental in designing and facilitating the think tank groups at an annual meeting for over 300 people for The Riverside Company, a global private equity firm focused on investing in and acquiring growing businesses valued at up to $250 million.

Philip E. Fine

Managing Partner

In 2000, Fine joined Change Management as a Managing Partner. Change Management (CM) is a group of highly skilled change professionals who serve organizations committed to producing extraordinary results and developing change leadership skills in their people. CM’s consulting is unique in that it offers an effective mix of coaching, consulting, and training. CM is a leading provider of consulting services and executive coaching to senior management and organizations around the world. Specialists in managing change, CM has supported the corporate vision and strategic goals of clients in the United States, Europe, China, and Japan for more than twenty-five years, assisting organizations to increase market share and productivity, bottom-line profitability, and customer satisfaction.

In 1977, Fine joined The Pendergast Group, Darien CT, a consulting group that specializes in Strategic Planning, M & A Valuations, and Supply Chain Management. In addition to working on M & A deals in Europe, in 1998, he helped form a new third party Logistics Management Company, Pendergast Logistics Services.

Phil has been a Vistage Chair (coach and facilitator) for 20 years. Vistage is the world’s leading CEO membership organization. In December 2005, he became Best Practice Chair for Philadelphia and was the Best Practice Chair for New England for 13 years. He is a Master Chair and for five years ranked in the top ten Vistage Chair metrics. In 2012, he was awarded Best Practice Chair of the Year, for the Eastern Division, and in 2015 he received the Hyndman Award for above and beyond commitment.

Phil is also the Chief Executive Officer of Premier Distribution Services, Inc., a third party provider of warehousing, fulfillment and logistics services located in Somerset, New Jersey.

Phil was a pioneer in logistics outsourcing, obtaining his first contract in 1962 Immediately after leaving college he started his own company. He has more than 50 years as an entrepreneur, owner and chief executive officer of warehousing and logistics companies providing warehousing, fulfillment and logistics services to Fortune 500 companies such as DuPont, Nabisco Brands, Seagram’s and Federal Express.

In addition to servicing Fortune 500 companies, Phil has set up and operated Public Warehouses for many smaller companies as well as Tree of Life the nation’s largest Health Food Distributor.

Phil also started, operated and sold two (2) businesses in the t-shirt and fancy food industries and did pioneering work on developing a home shopping network in China.

In 2020, Phil became a member of the board, and a thought leader for the Thayer Institute. The Thayer Institute brings compelling and provocative leadership and life-making concepts to those who are passionate about excellence.