Executive Coaching

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

No matter the endeavor, when performance is the name of the game, coaching is integral to success. No athlete would dream of trying out for the Olympics without a great coach.

Like an athletic coach, an executive coach assesses current status, understands goals, and helps work out a plan to get there. Coaching takes an individual or team on an exciting journey of self-examination and growth. Our coaches work closely with you, offering insights and encouragement along the way.

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Our Coaching Philosophy

Change Management (CM) has coached successful executives for over 40 years. Our philosophy is simple. We believe:


Coaching is fundamental to exceptional performance.


Coaching is a collaboration, a partnership. You provide the motivation. We provide guidance and tools for growth.


Coaching can be taught and learned. We teach coaching skills that are transferable to the executive’s reports, ensuring that performance goals are achieved.

CM coaches accelerate change, the desire to raise the performance bar, and the achievement of business goals.

Executive Coaching Process

Click To Enlarge: Overview of the executive coaching process

CM customizes each coaching program to meet the needs of the individual executive or team and the organization’s business goals. Our process differs from other coaching techniques by using real-time business issues as our laboratory for coaching.

Our process begins with :

  • Individual assessments and feedback sessions
  • Identification of development needs
  • Identification of gaps
  • Formulation of a development plan
  • Ongoing coaching sessions to produce successful behavioral and organizational outcomes


Results of Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching participants are:

Coaching Types

Competitive Advantage Consulting and Coaching

helps executives stay ahead of the curve while driving toward results.

Stretch Assignment Coaching

creates a safety net for executives who undertake critical assignments with intense expectations.

Coaching High-Potential Executives

identifies and supports executives who are positioned for future growth in an organization.

Coaching Performance Issues

provides focus, support, and strategic business knowledge to executives whose divisions or units are behind projections or at risk of failing to meet targets.

Developing Leadership Skills

strengthens emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills to resolve conflicts that are negatively impacting organizational culture and performance.

Team Coaching

helps teams rapidly assimilate new skills and behaviors when response time is critical, e.g. during periods of internal restructuring or when mergers or acquisitions are being integrated.