Change Management & Organizational Development Consulting

It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.

Change is a given. Companies exist as part of a complex system of markets, competition, technologies, and economies that are constantly shifting and evolving. To stay viable, companies need to change whether the change is:

Reactive: change that deals with events that have taken place, or

Proactive: initiate change that creates new ways to engage the future.

The common thread is a break from the previous culture and paradigms. Problems arise because companies may ignore the fact that their people must also shift their personal paradigms.

Change Management (CM) is expert at helping companies manage change successfully by involving all levels of the organization.

Our Change Philosophy

We believe understanding the importance of the human factor is the key to successful change.

Companies are made up of individuals, each with an existing worldview and way of doing things. These individual employees won’t change simply because a corporate leader says they should.

People do things for their own reasons. Change starts with the individual’s understanding of what’s in it for them.

Creating an empowering environment requires that senior management understand they can't simply decree empowerment. Individuals empower themselves. It’s an inside-out process that begins with the individual.

Our Reframing Process

Change is inevitable. Change for the better is a full-time job.

CM offers a consulting process for introducing change to an organization. Aimed at the human factor, our Reframing Process helps senior management:

Reframing is an inside-out approach that focuses on the existing thinking and behavior of employees. If employees reorient their thinking and behavior, they can make the necessary changes.

CM’s reframing process helps companies manage both reactive and proactive change. Proactive change is especially powerful since it charts a future vision for the company. Facilitating this type of change is one of CM’s strengths.

Creating Values, Vision, and Mission

These three factors are the foundation for long-term company success. If all three are firmly rooted within the organization, they facilitate mobilization of resources for break-through results.


Define the conduct of everyone associated with your organization, from employees to customers and other stakeholders. Establishing and communicating common values provides the organization with norms, guidelines, and boundaries for how people behave.


Unites your employees toward a common purpose. A vision statement establishes what you want for your organization. It inspires emotion and sets the bar for the actions needed to implement your desired future.


Describes your organization's key purposes. The company’s mission represents a clear and compelling goal that unifies an organization’s efforts. It should also stretch and challenge the organization to focus on strategic initiatives.

Change Management (CM) can help your organization define values, create a shared vision, and develop a courageous mission. Working together, we help you define a bright new future.

There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality

Benefits of Defining Values, Vision and Mission

With CM’s guidance, you can define these factors, smooth the path to success, and make them part of your organization’s genetic code. Plus, you’ll see leadership team growth in areas like: