Quantum Leap Coaching Program

You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.

The Quantum Leap program accelerates the coaching process, in most cases by approximately six months.

Our intensive, two-day Quantum Leap program helps individuals break through ingrained patterns quickly, creating a fast track to a new future.

Executives have thought patterns, belief systems, and behaviors that shape their actions. These are the foundation for current successes and failures, but left unexamined, they limit the ability to respond and grow.


Concentrates on revealing the thought patterns, belief systems, and behaviors that have shaped the individual, limiting their freedom to choose a future. Once revealed, the grip of these constraints can be broken. The individual/ sees new possibilities for achieving existing goals, dealing with what they’re up against, empowering close working relationships, and intervening in what’s not working.


Engages the individual in designing a strategic intent. Having cleared the path and dealt with immediate work-related issues, they are renewed, ready to act, and have a road map for realizing their strategic intent for an extraordinary future.