Leadership in Action Program

Opportunities just don’t happen, you create them.

While with Engelhard (now BASF), a Fortune 500 company, as their Chief Change Agent, Genevieve Bazelmans developed a program for the CEO to cascade his vision throughout the entire organization. The Leadership in Action program was translated into three different languages and used worldwide. Since then, the LIA has been adapted for use in mid, small and entrepreneurial companies to achieve the same results.

The Leadership in Action program is a highly participative piece of work that is designed to reach in and call forth leadership from every participant in the course. It focuses on who a leader is, and what it takes to have leadership show up in every aspect of work. The work can be implemented right down to the lowest level of the company. Ultimately, the traditional belief that leadership can only come from the people at the top gives way to an understanding that leadership can come from all levels of the organization. The participants’ job is the laboratory that we use to build an understanding of the concepts and to ensure they get practical experience in executing them.

The Results